March 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to the March 2021 edition of the TALLYMATICS Newsletter. Our newsletter is designed to keep our partners updated on our latest developments, as well as industry news.

In This Issue

Improvements to Telematics Industries (Vertical Solution) pages

At its most basic, a telematics solution is about knowing where a vehicle is, and managing vehicles geographically on a map-based “canvas”. There is a standard toolbox of mapping features like geo-fence and geo-search that you want to employ, but the language of mapping doesn’t necessarily translate into a value-proposition for a particular market. With our Industry/(Vertical Solution) pages we position the capabilities available in our multi-network/multi-device/multi-environment TruFleet tracking platform according to the value they provide for our focus markets:

These solution pages illustrate how some of the unique aspects of TALLYMATICS’ TruFleet platform translate into particular vertical market value, aspects such as multi-networking, multi-device management and multi-environment (indoor/outdoor) tracking. More traditional aspects such as correlating digital inputs to specific vertical needs are also highlighted. On our utilities pages we have also added some Case Study information regarding Kansas City Power & Light and REA Energy. Of course there are many more vertical market specific value propositions than we can identify on these pages, so give us a call if are wondering if we can integrate with a 3rd party app or integrate with a specific piece of equipment.

Multi-Network … Multi-Device … Multi-environment

Public Works, Public Safety and Utilities often work in hybrid environments. Historically, as well as for reliability and security, they often utilize private radio networks. The near ubiquity of cellular coverage vs. private radio coverage, as well as advantages in data capacity has meant that cellular also has a strong foothold in mobile applications in these markets, especially in telematics. Finally, these markets have a need to track vehicles, assets and personnel.

TALLYMATICS comes from the LMR/DMR/P25 market, and provides solutions for handheld and mobile radios, including enhanced compression and digital inputs to expand beyond pure geo-location for those radios (see TW200, TW5344, TW5744, TW250, TW251 and TW255). We have expanded to the standalone cellular telematics market with the TW400 to expand the information available to operators to include vehicle information, more inputs, more control and much more with Bluetooth support. We have now moved our radio support to include Push To Talk over cellular, offering first support for ICOM with solutions for other vendors in the pipe.

Finally, when personnel leave their vehicle, they don’t necessarily stay outside. They go into buildings. Some radios are equipped with iBeacon BLE compatibility that allows them to be tracked indoors. TruFleet offers a great indoor/outdoor tracking solution that takes advantage of this iBeacon capability, and it is very easy to use.

This integration of Multi-networking, multi-device and multi-environment use cases under the TALLYMATICS TruFleet Platform makes it the goto platform for tracking and management of critical mobile applications.

Indoor/outdoor tracking of Security Guards