Tait L3Harris™

Get Tallymatics for your Tait / L3Harris Network

Tallymatics is a proud member of the Tait / L3Harris technology Partner program, providing fleet management solutions to Tait / L3Harris customers any industry – including school transportation, utilities, construction, public works and public safety.

Tallymatics supports TaitNet™ DMR, P25, MPT1327 and conventional radio systems, as well as the L3 Harris P25-compliant StatusAware Location Service.

Track, manage and audit your fleet

TruFleet™ delivers accurate, reliable GPS-based location and event updates across the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Network.

  • Simple, highly accurate tracking and auditing
  • Enhanced data, bandwidth and cost-efficiency
  • Flexible deployment and operation
  • Indoor tracking using iBeacons


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Tallymatics tracking hardware for Tait Radios

Tallymatics offer a range of in-vehicle GPS receivers and Telematic tracking devices for Tait Communications range of mobile radios :

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