TruFleet.Cloud: Clean. Modern. Reliable. SaaS.

Track, Correlate and Manage your Telematics, Mobile Devices and associated equipment. Orchestrate your Business.

If the enterprise Mission depends on mobile assets and teams, successful execution requires ensuring ALL work elements are ready and present.

The main work elements of any mobile mission are:

All of these elements combine to contribute to a successful mission, whether that mission is an electrical grid outage dispatch for an electrical utility, a telco service call, a paramedic dispatch or a regular garbage bin service route. Successful missions assure revenue with the right “payload” and mitigate liability with accurate documentation.

The TruFleet.Cloud platform wraps all of these mission aspects into one package, by delivering:

TruFleet Cloud/TruAsset enables visibility and control of all of these elements, in a solution that is easy to deploy and manage, for organizations large AND small.

Key TruFleet.Cloud Features

TruFleet Cloud: Self Managed AVL/Telematics for Large AND Small Fleets

TALLYMATICS’ TruFleet AVL is a tried and true, easy to use, comprehensive Automatic Vehicle Location application which fleets have been using for over a decade. It has evolved from a local server-based application used by radio-based fleets to a full cloud-based monthly subscription service … TruFleet.Cloud … which is suitable for fleets of one or two vehicles … to thousands. The key to this flexibility is the cloud-centric configurability of accounts, ability to add and configure telematics devices, and elimination of software to maintain and support.

Multi-Network Capability

TruFleet AVL’s radio-centric heritage enabled it to be used with many different types of vendors (Tait, Motorola, and NexEdge) and radio technologies (P25, DMR III, DMR II Etc.). TruFleet.Cloud uses a radio-local connector application running on a local server to integrate radio traffic and forward it to TruFleet.Cloud, which already supports cellular telematics devices as well. Geo-location information from various Push to Talk over Cellular devices, such as ICOM, are also integrated with TruFleet. Cloud. For more information see the TruFleet Multi-Network page.

Multiple Fleets and Sub-Fleets in any Organization

Properly privileged users of TruFleet.Cloud can create multiple fleets easily, and associate vehicles with any fleet. Limited view users can only see vehicles in fleets and associate sub-fleets that they are given permission to see.

Powerful Graphical Route Replay by segmented by trips and stops

The history of any device (portable or vehicle based) is usually a series of well defined trips, and these are the behaviour of interest. TruFleet.Cloud segments any time period specified as a set of trips and stops when a route replay is asked for (Route Replay Image 1 above)). Each Trip or Stop, when selected, is highlighted on the map vs. any other geo-points displayed (Route Replay Image 2 above), and any event (emergency, I/O change, asset change, vehicle on/off) can be selected in the side bar and focused on (Route Replay Image 3.

Trip Timeline Dashboard

The Trip Timeline Dashboard gives you a great visual scan of what is happening in your fleet on a daily basis, and allows you to quickly drill down into a particular episode, or device over a period of time. For a 24 hour period, you can see periods of driving and idling. Clicking a period either maps that the segment, or gives the option of seeing that device over a week (at which point you can pick any segment of the week to drill into). A great quick view of daily activity!

Manage and Track BlueTooth tagged assets

A KEY aspect of any mobile team’s effectiveness is having the right equipment at hand for the mission they are on. Almost every AVL/Location tracking solution focuses on vehicles or large objects like trailers or containers. The equipment ON the vehicle (or NOT on the vehicle) can have a decisive effect on how a trip goes. TruFleet.Cloud, combined with the TW400 Tracker/Gateway and the TW5470 BLE transceiver and compatible BLE tags on the equipment, provides the tools that allow you to manage your mission equipment payloads. See more detail on how it works here.