Sprite™ TW400 Fleet Tracker LTE Cat M1

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The Sprite™ TW400 is a robust telematic platform for fleet-tracking applications and IoT communication to vehicle-based sensors and actuators for advanced application,s such as asset inventory tracking, personnel identification and safety, and equipment usage.

The TW400 incorporates an LTE Cat M1 modem, multi-constellation GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo) receiver, powerful processing engine, and a triple-axis accelerometer for monitoring operator driving behaviour and safety. Communications to external IoT devices via CAN bus, serial and 1Wire interfaces.

Superior tracking resolution and efficiency over LTE Cat M1 is achieved via our Tallymatics proprietary Contrails data compression algorithm, enabling significant operational savings on cellular air-time charges.


  • LTE Cat M1 for extended range
  • Geometry-optimized integrated LTE antenna
  • High-sensitivity multi-constellation GNSS receiver
  • Embedded GNSS Accutenna® technology
  • Motion-sensing, hard-braking, impact detection
  • Integrated RS232 for direct peripheral connectivity
  • 20-Pin Molex locking connector, pin for pin compatible with CapAmp devices
  • Available CAN bus for OBDII direct connect
  • Available UDR antenna for challenging urban canyon environments


  • Easy to install and provision
  • 12x Geopoint reporting detail over comparable solutions with lower data usage
  • Automatic over-the-air configuration and firmware downloads
  • Comprehensive Management Reports
  • Access to TALLYMANAGER Device Management Portal
  • Assured message delivery with up to 20K persisted messages
  • Global access with carrier-agnostic global SIM cards
  • Proprietary lossless data compression lowers operating cost


The best GNSS technology
Better tracking, easy installation

The TW400 uses the Tallysman GNSS Multi-Constellation, precision-tuned Accutenna dual-feed element highlighting a tight phase center variation.  Tallysman is a premier high precision GNSS antenna vendor, with superior accuracy and multi-path rejection.  The superior embedded antennas make installation easy without needing external antennas for most applications.

LTE Cat M1 for better performance
Contrails for penalty-free higher resolution tracking

The LTE Cat M1 cellular network is targeted at low data-rate applications, yielding higher gain transmission for better communication performance. Tallymatics’ Contrails geo-data compression algorithm, originally developed for 2-Way radio use, allows the TW400 to transmit 12x the geo-data with less bandwidth requirements than typical cellular solutions. This makes LTE Cat M1 technology the right network.

Easy device management with TALLYMANAGER and Tallymatics SIMS

The TALLYMANAGER cloud device management portal is a one-stop cloud portal that provides device activation, SIM provisioning, Over The Air (OTA) configuration and OTA firmware updates. Combining ease of activation/deactivation with global SIMS from Tallymatics makes deployment easy.  TALLYMANAGER also provides a RESTful Applications Programming Interface that presents decompressed geo-data, digital I/O events and local in-vehicle peripheral data from attached devices.  A gateway to cloud-based applications.

Enhanced applications with Internet of Things (IoT)

The TW400 provides 4x digital inputs, 1x analog input, 3x digital outputs, CAN bus (OBDII), 1-Wire and RS-232 serial for maximum flexibility when interfacing with commercial equipment for any application.  The TW400 covers applications from electronic logs for vehicle maintenance management to driver identification and safety.  Data access via the TALLYMANAGER allows a powerful integration between vehicle information and workforce management applications.

Get awareness with TruFleet™

Tallymatics’ TruFleet™ is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that keeps you connected to your fleet. Track your vehicles with an intuitive, functional map display and generate comprehensive audits of your fleet’s movements and actions. TruFleet™ is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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