TruFleet.Cloud: Comprehensive AVL and Asset Management for Multi-Network, Multi-Device environments

Multi-Network/Multi-Device: All your tracking needs in one spot

TruFleet AVL cracked the problem of tracking devices over bandwidth limited Land Mobile Radio and Digital Mobile Radio networks, allowing you to utilize your radio infrastructure for tracking your radios and also your vehicles (with fixed mobile units and tethered telematics devices such as TW200). TruFleet AVL has all the features you expect from a common AVL package focused on cellular-based telematics devices AND displays land mobile radio devices and cellular-based telematics devices on the same server.

Each TruFleet AVL server supports one radio network. One radio network is great for geographically localized organizations, but doesn’t work well for larger enterprises with wider footprints over multiple radio networks. To solve this problem, and keep up with evolving communications trends, TruFleet AVL has evolved to TruFleet.Cloud.

Multiple Private Networks, Multiple network types, Multiple Devices

With TruFleet.Cloud, an Organization is no longer restricted to one private network … radio, Push To Talk over Cellular, or otherwise. An Organization’s TruFleet.Cloud instance can have multiple radio networks, even multiple types of radio networks and vendors, all being tracked and managed in one place. Everything from a small radio network exposing radio gps data over a a “donor” radio, to fully trunked digital radio systems from multiple vendors … now all able to be managed simultaneously under one TruFleet.Cloud Organization.

For example, a multi-regional Electrical utility has a Tait DMR III trunked network in the NorthEast running a DIP interface and multiple mobile and portable radios, a small Motorola network in Rockford Wisconsin with a donor radio acting as a control station and multiple mobile and portable radios, and multiple cellular based TW400 telematics units, multiple PoC Radios (mobile and handhelds). This organization can see all of its devices: mobile radios, portables, PoC handsets, TW400’s, on TruFleet.Cloud under one Organization.

Introducing TruFleet Extender, the connector to the radio network.

TruFleet Extender is the local agent that manages the connection to a radio network interface and forms a secure communications link to the TruFleet.Cloud Software as a Service hosted in the Azure Cloud. Every unique radio network … Motorola, Tait, Nexedge … is groomed via TruFleet Extender to integrate with TruFleet.Cloud. Push To Talk over Cellular solutions, or other IP based private network connections use a direct IP-based API connection to integrate with TruFleet.Cloud.