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2-Way Radio Dealers – Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

As a 2-Way Radio Dealer, the majority of your business is based on mobile applications. Fleet Management and tracking is a fundamental aspect of your customers’ business, therefore a key focus for YOU.

Explore further for more details about TALLYMATICS’ cellular solutions and the ways in which you can Become a Certified TALLYMATICS Dealer

For 10 years, TALLYMATICS has worked with you to offer Fleet products tailored to the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market. But the world is changing, with cellular networking becoming increasingly competitive in your traditional market.


2-Way Radio data is a tough environment, but TALLYMATICS grew up there. It’s where we developed our patented Contrails compression algorithm that delivers 12x the geo-points over equivalent bandwidth to other solutions, without compression. TALLYMATICS knows how to deliver more resolution with less bandwidth … that means better value for LESS COST. 


The 2-Way Radio market is where we created our world-class tracking application – TruFleet – which can be cloud-based or local server based, and can be managed by 2-Way network operators directly on behalf of your customers, providing a valuable revenue stream for you. 


But the market is getting tougher, with cellular solutions becoming much less expensive and becoming a big disruption to the 2-Way Radio business. LMR faces intense pressure from cellular solutions. In the area of Fleet Management, TALLYMATICS opens the way to participating in cellular-based opportunities, and simultaneously leveraging your LMR assets. 

The Dealer Advantage

With our new LMR friendly cellular solutions, we enable you to meet the challenge – and WIN!


You Can Take Advantage of These Key Differentiators (click the > on the right of each point to compare customer/dealer benefits):

Dealer Benefits

  • Your “bread and butter” is LMR and that’s why offering LMR based tracking is so important. But cellular tracking is sometimes preferable, especially as the data usage more gets intensive. You can offer both types of network.
  • Some LMR network operators are proactively moving telematics to cellular to keep their LMR data unburdened.  You can do that, while maintaining your traditional customer offering.
  • Our cellular offering can report into the same TruFleet Fleet Management application your LMR based offering uses

Customer Benefits

  • Just as you can utilize LMR or cellular where it makes sense, your customers have the same criteria.
  • LMR or cellular, all under the same “pane of glass”

Dealer Benefits

  • This is a leading edge value offering in keeping with the principles of LMR’s traditional advantages over other networks. But its CELLULAR.
  • Your customers often care not just about approximate locations. They need “Proof of Service” verification for safety and Service Level Agreement purposes. You need to be able to deliver

Customer Benefits

  • Of course, your customers are not incurring massive price differentials if they need to go to cellular
  • “Proof of Service” resolution is important, especially when dealing with public facing service provisioning.

Dealer Benefits

  • GNSS is tricky. There is always that point where the customer wants to know they have the best tracking possible
  • Internal Tallysman high performance antennas make sure you’re on the right side of every dispute.
  • Better antenna performance with internal antennas eases the chance that you’ll have an installation problem

Customer Benefits

  • No external antenna? Shorter installation and less time that vehicle is out of service

Dealer Benefits

  • Your customers don’t want vehicles out of service.
  • Keep them happy and keep your costs low.
  • Be confident that your next project will result in customer satisfaction not customer heartache

Customer Benefits

  • No surprise overages on project installation
  • “Vehicle out of service” shortened

Dealer Benefits

  • With Tallymanager’s easy device/fleet management tools, Over The Air software and config updates, and integrated global LTE-M SIM’s, your team can give your customer’s a painfree and enjoyable experience. Customer satisfaction

Customer Benefits

  • Why shouldn’t fleet management be easy, flexible and future-proof?

Dealer Benefits

  • Telematics 1.0 was about Geographic tracking. Telematics 2.0 is about instrumenting everything about the fleet use-case, including behaviour of drivers and passengers.
  • Don’t be stuck with last-generation narrowband technology that only meets half of the customer’s needs. Be competitive with the next-gen that adapts to requirements.
  • Provide more value and stickiness by helping your customers leverage more value out of their investment

Customer Benefits

  • Easier addition of more functionality
  • Lower cost hardware and data plan solution

Dealer Benefits

  • Have you ever been frustrated that the solution you’re offering to your customer ALMOST meets the requirements?
  • Tallymatics has always gone the extra mile to deliver a rapid solution to that problem with its partners.
  • Have the confidence that you will be able to hit those curve balls

Customer Benefits

  • Quicker response and support from dealer
  • Futureproof solutions.

Dealer Benefits

  • Recurring income is an annuity that just keeps paying off

For a four minute video introduction to TALLYMATICS Unified LMR/Cellular platform: TALLYMATICS LMR Platform Dealer Intro. As well, we have a deeper nine minute video presentation going into more detail on the differentiating benefits for dealers: TALLYMATICS Dealer Platform Benefits

Explore further below for more details about TALLYMATICS’ cellular solutions and the ways in which you can Become a Certified TALLYMATICS Dealer

You Need a New Edge

SpriteTM TW400 Tracker


Cellular or 2-Way Radio? You Can Offer Both

TALLYMATICS’ new Sprite TW400 Tracker gives you the opportunity to offer a new, rich tracking device with the latest features over  , with easy device management via the cloud-based TALLYMANAGER management portal. But you won’t lose your 2-Way Radio base. The Sprite TW2XX family continues to serve your 2-Way Radio tracking needs! Now you have the tools to compete and win on any fleet, by offering the best of both worlds, according to the customer’s needs. You can even have a mixed fleet, all reporting into TruFleet! 


Deriving from TALLYMATICS’ strong LMR heritage, the Sprite™ TW400 incorporates patented CONTRAILS geo-data compression, which allows the TW400 to report 12 times the geo-points over equivalent bandwidth than other cellular solutions provide. That means you provide better resolution at more than competitive pricing. That’s very important, as your customers need better resolution to ensure that they have ALL the information they need to meet “Proof of Service” requirements. NO GAPS. 


But is not just about more data. TW400 has built in a Multi-Constellation GNSS Antenna from our parent company Tallysman Inc. Tallysman makes the finest antennae in the market, and it utilizes the GPS, GLOSNASS and Galileo satellite constellations for superior accuracy and multi-path performance. 


Several factors increase installation complexity and cost:

  • Requiring external antennae for GNSS or wireless communications
  • Getting power (and vehicle information)

Both of these physical requirements can be time consuming and costly.

No External Antennae. The TW400 alleviates the problem of requiring exterior antennae in the vast majority of cases by incorporating a superior internal TALLYMSMAN GNSS antenna and leveraging our wireless expertise to design a superior   internal transmission capability.

No Splicing. TW400 can be plugged right into the OBD port, eliminating costly and tricky splicing into the vehicle’s cable harness. These factors all combine to make TW400’s installation often “Plug & Play”. 

We Make Cellular Easy

TALLYMANAGER Cloud Based Portal


Ever have a good experience activating a cellular phone? Cellular telematics devices haven’t been much different. We’ve worked hard to change that. Frankly, we make activation/deactivation and configuration of TW400 devices “a snap” through our TALLYMANAGER cloud-based portal. It’s “one-stop shopping”, including the cellular service activation/deactivation, configuration, diagnostics, over the air updates and notifications. It’s also provides 3rd Party applications with an API for easily exporting data to Customer back office applications.  

You Know Your Customer. We Know How to Help You.


As a 2-Way Radio dealer, you have been working with your customers a long time, and you know what they need. You can give them the best service and products vs. your competition, and we’ll help you tailor a solution that’s just right for them, starting with our “out of the box”, “beyond tracking” features on the TW400, such as Emergency Alert. That’s just the start. Modular firmware and software design + BUILT-IN resources = Internet Of Things (IOT) flexibility.

You can help your customer tailor “beyond tracking” features important to their business need by utilizing BUILT-IN technologies that are included in the standard offering of the TW400, TALLYMANAGER and TruFleet. These technologies are:


Our modular design allows us to develop new macro-EVENT features rapidly. For example, we implemented Emergency Alert application in 2 weeks. Now it’s a standard part of the product EVENT library. How does it work? The driver presses a button, and an alarm is indicated in TruFleet and emails sent to designated recipients. Only authorized personnel can clear it. It is also available as part of the RESTful API to 3rd party applications. 

You Did the Work. You Enjoy the Benefits.

As a dealer partner, you are fully engaged in the process, partnering with your customer and tailoring the product with TALLYMATICS that results in Beyond Tracking value. You deserve to participate in the rewards through the life span of the service. TALLYMATICS’ offer is structured to insure that our dealers have the potential for RECURRING REVENUE, whether we host the TruFleet cloud-based server, or you do, co-located with your base-radio. We sell you the competitively priced monthly service based on cellular data plan, TALLYMANAGER Device Management and TruFleet AVL platform, and you margin it with your customers

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