TW251 Tallymatics Man Down App for MOTOTRBO™

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The TW251 is a software app that can be programmed onto the Generic Options Board on your MOTOTRBO™ portable radio. It provides a monitoring system for lone workers and workers in hazardous environments, in industries such as electrical utilities, public works and public safety.

Man Down is an important addition to worker safety programs, giving workers a way to call for help in the event of an emergency, as well as automatic alarm generation in the event of a man-down occurrence.


  • Support for all MOTOTRBO portable radios
  • Digital and analog modes
  • Audible alerts and reminders
  • GPS report with PTT ID


  • Increase worker safety
  • Confirm workers’ locations
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Verify worker health continuously


Automatic event detection

Man Down automatically activates an emergency alarm if the radio orientation suddenly changes or does not detect motion for an extended period of time. Additional options for detection are included in the app.

Fewer false alarms

Before sending an emergency alarm, a local pre-alarm will remind the operator that an alarm is about to be activated and give them the opportunity to reset it in the case of a false alarm.

Supported by TruFleet™

Tallymatics’ TruFleet is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that keeps you connected to your fleet. Track your vehicles with an intuitive, functional map display and generate comprehensive audits of your fleet’s movements and actions. TruFleet is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Custom app development for MOTOTRBO networks

The TW251 can be set up to send Heartbeat* messages to the portable to verify the communication link and warn the worker and host of the lack of coverage if the messages fail.
*For hosted systems only.

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