Push To Talk over Cellular (POC)

Push To Talk, the solution for mobile work groups

One of the surprising benefits of 2-way radio networks was the emergence of the Push To Talk communications paradigm. As it turns out the point to multi-point method for managing a radio channel for voice happens to be a great way to communicate among teams in the field. PoC give the best of both worlds: broad coverage of cellular with few limitations on bandwidth and traditional talk-group operating mechanisms. Consequently, technology companies are overlaying point to multi-point network topologies over traditionally point-to-point cellular networks using cloud-based servers to make the connection. Vendors are also making PoC radios that work within these walled-garden environments, and operate very much like their 2-way radio cousins.

GATEWAY to Multi-Network tracking

PoC devices are mobile work platforms, and as such, like their 2-Way radio cousins, they are equipped with GPS location capability. However, one of the other key benefits of the PoC mode of operation is that it is a private network, so taking advantage of the GPS capability requires a gateway to translate between the private network operation mode of the PoC overlay (a typically proprietary API) and an AVL Fleet/Radio tracking application. TALLYMATICS 2-way radio network integrations have prepared the way for this type of integration between PoC networks and our AVL Fleet/Radio tracking application, TruFleet. TALLYMATICS is working with our radio partners to integrate with their PoC Gateways. As of January 2021, TALLYMATICS has integrated with ICOM’s PoC Overlay and is offering tracking of the IP501M and IP501H radios.

The result is a true Multi-Network, Multi-Device, Multi-Environment work-group tracking application, the TALLYMATICS TruFleet Platform.