TruDispatch™ for MOTOTRBO™

Connecting Dispatchers to the Mobile Workforce

The Tallymatics TruDispatch Console™ is a software-based voice and text dispatch solution designed to bridge communication between mobile MOTOTRBO™ radio users and Dispatch centers.

Key Industries

  • Security
  • 24/7 Electrical/HVAC
  • Transportation
  • School Buses
  • Taxi

Use case capabilities

  • Assign the nearest available technician to respond to an emergency situation
  • Immediately playback audio to a supervisor to explain a situation
  • Enable driver to call into dispatch center to find their next customer
  • Relay work orders and information to or from work crews, supervisors and field workers
  • Request a call back by paging mobile workers
  • Easily find the MP3 file you are looking for in call logs sorted by date, time and radio ID

Simplified communication

From a single intuitive display, TruDispatch™ enables dispatchers to monitor or start conversations with radio users and talkgroups. Text messages can also be sent back and forth between dispatchers and handsets.

Improved accountability

By automatically recording and logging all conversations for quick playback and archiving, you can confirm employees are adhering to standards, perform evaluations of dispatchers dealing with emergencies, enhance future training, and minimize legal liabilities.

Increased productivity

Manage your entire team more efficiently with a dispatch console. Dispatchers can communicate and manage multiple radio channels on a Windows PC and relay important information to and from work crews, supervisors, and field workers to maximize productivity.

Enhanced situational awareness

Take command from virtually anywhere. TDC bridges communication between radio users whether they are in the office, on the road or in the field. Stay up-to-date of mobile workers’ activities by enabling dispatchers to coordinate work orders, verify location, and provide real-time information.

More key features and benefits

Private and group calls

PC users can broadcast onto the radio network and dispatchers can make & receive private calls to targeted MOTOTRBO™ users and talkgroups on the radio network

Text messages

Keep radio users up-to-date by sending them important information and instructions via MOTOTRBO text message. Dispatchers can also receive text messages from radio users

Radio channel monitoring

Dispatchers can select which radio channels they wish to monitor and will automatically hear all associated radio traffic. TruDispatch records this audio for future playback

Customizable user interface

TruDispatch™ is designed to adapt to your operational requirements. The software provides dispatchers with quick access to frequent users, talkgroups and channels

Emergency alarms

Radio users can easily send dispatchers emergency notifications. On the dispatchers’ screen, the alarm is displayed in the notification area until it is dismissed

Easy to operate

TruDispatch™’s intuitive design makes it easy to learn and operate. Speak with radio users on different channels and locations with the push of a button


Dispatchers can request a call back from unavailable individuals by paging them directly

Immediate audio playback

Dispatchers have quick access to the last 12 hours of user calls and can instantly replay conversations for verification

Call logging & archiving

TruDispatch™ archives your data for future playback. Calls are stored as MP3 files and can be searched and filtered by time, Radio ID, and talkgroup