Improve fleet tracking, safety and response times

TruFleet™ for Utilities makes it easy to locate your service vehicles and teams quickly and accurately, so you can optimize operations while monitoring their safety and performance.

What is TruFleet™ for Utilities?

TruFleet™ for Utilities combines simple, intuitive software with compact hardware that can easily connect with existing 2-way radios or be provisioned for cellular LTE Cat M1 devices. It delivers precise real-time geo-positioning and event data –actionable information you can use to improve fleet performance, respond to weather and other events, enhance employee safety and ensure accountability
TruFleet™ for Utilities provides optional integration to third-party Outage Management Systems (OMS) with a MultiSpeak interface.


How it Works

Features and benefits for service fleet operators

GPS-based tracking

Enable simple, precise tracking and monitoring of activity, speed, maintenance, mileage and more and at all times

Enhanced auditing

Search and replay all historical data based on date and time

Seamless integration

Leverage your existing Outage Management System

Network flexibility

Compatible with multiple 2-way radio networks and cellular LTE

Flexible reporting

Optimize operational efficiency with customized reports


Provide MultiSpeak interface to the OMS

Exceptional customer service and support

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