GNSS Smart Receiver/Antennas

Most Accurate: Timing, Tracking, Telematics

Tallymatics offers a range of TW5000 series Smart GNSS receiver/antennas which are designed for use in professional grade applications such as:

Our range of GNSS receiver/antenna supports concurrent tracking of multi-constellations (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS) in multiple frequency bands improving the receiver’s capability to deliver a precise and reliable solution which is unaffected by ionospheric errors.  The integrated dual feed patch antenna (Accutenna™) greatly improves the rejection of multi-path signal interference.

ModelTypical ApplicationOperating
L1L2Non-MagneticTechnologyIntegrated LNA
and Filtering
TW5350Mobile and Infrastructure5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232RS422/485IP69K
TW5351Specialized Data Logging and Survey5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232RS422/485IP69K
TW5252Automotive Mobile (Magnetic Mount)5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232RS422/485IP67
TW5352Automotive Mobile5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232IP69K
TW5354Industrial and Infrastructure5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS422/485RS422/485IP69K
TW5262Dead Reckoning – Automotive/Mobile (Magnetic Mount)5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232RS422/485IP67
TW5362Dead Reckoning – Automotive/Mobile5-36VDual Feed Accutenna372RS232IP69K
TW5382Critical Timing – Telecommunication, Industrial, Power Generation5-36VDual Frequency / Dual Feed Accutenna4184RS422/485RS422/485IP69K


Tallymatics offers a range of reliable, acccurate Smart GNSS Timing receiver/antennas for applications including communication systems, electrical power grids and financial networks. The TW5000 series Timing receiver/antennas are designed to meet the strictest timing synchronization requirements in 5G mobile networks.  The multi-band capability reduces the timing error under clear skies to less than 5 ns without the need for an external GNSS correction service.

The TW5350 is a multi-constellation GNSS Smart Antenna which provides simultaneous GPS/GLONASS/SBAS reception. It is designed for use in professional grade applications such as precision timing, network synchronization, low current applications, and tracking/positioning applications.

The TW5350 GNSS Smart Antenna provides 72 high sensitivity tracking channels which can be configured to acquire and track 3 concurrent GNSS constellations (GPS, Gallileo, GLONASS, and Beidou) plus SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GANAN) and QZSS augmentation signals simultaneously. Differential GPS corrections may also be supplied via RTCM formatted corrections messages.

The TW5350 employs Tallysman’s AccutennaTM dual feed antenna patch technology which greatly improves rejection of multi-path signal interference, across the whole GNSS band. The addition of pre- and post- filtering within the RF signal chain greatly improves immunity to jamming carriers typical within urban environments.

The TW5382 is a multi-band, multi-constellation integrated GNSS receiver/antenna designed specifically to meet the strictest timing synchronization requirements in 5G mobile networks.

The state of the art GNSS receiver supports concurrent tracking of all four major constellations in multiple frequency bands. The multi-band capability reduces timing errors under clear skies to less than 5 ns without the need for an external GNSS correction service.

The integrated dual feed Accutenna™ greatly imroves the rejection of multi-path signal interference.

The TW5382 offers an optional master and slave configuration that features a differential timing mode that exchanges correction data with a neighboring TW5382 timing receiver via a RS-485 communication link. Under optimal conditions the timing accuracy can be further improved to less than 2.5ns.


The TW5000 series Tracking receiver/antennas are designed to deliver superior geo-positioning performance, with multi-constellation, dual feed capability and industry leading multi-path rejection. For use with any Telematics system, connected via RS-232.

The TW5252/TW5352 is a multi-constellation GNSS antenna and receiver that provides GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS reception. It is designed for use in professional-grade digital tracking and positioning applications.

The TW5x62 is a multi-constellation GNSS Receiver/Antenna fused with inertial sensor data. It is an easy-to-use tracking solution that enables high-performance positioning in places where GNSS signals are poor or not available.

The TW5x62 incorporates a latest-generation GNSS receiver that supports simultaneous GPS/GLONASS/Galileo reception and a Tallysman’s Accutenna™ patch antenna. This dual-feed antenna greatly improves rejection of multipath signal interference, making it the most precise antenna for tracking in dense urban environments.

The TW5252 and TW5262 are magnetic mount.
The TW5352 and TW5362 are fixed mount.