TALLYMATICS® introduces Utility features and Radio Networks support TruFleet.Cloud AVL

May 17, 2022

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Ottawa, Ontario. (May 2022). TALLYMATICS® Inc. is announcing new features for its TruFleet.Cloud™ Geolocation and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Software as a Service, tailored for electrical utilities customers.  

A key success factor for meeting the needs of electrical utilities is the capability to support multiple communication networks, especially Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, and multiple devices such as mobile and portable radios and dedicated telematics devices.  TruFleet.Cloud has added radio network support to its existing LTE support with the introduction of the TruFleet Extender, which securely integrates with radio network from vendors such as Tait Communications, Motorola Solutions and Kenwood, leveraging TALLYMATICS’ established experience with those networks featured in its local server product: TruFleet Wireless Communications Protocol (WCP) Server.  TruFleet Extender™ allows multiple diverse networks (vendor, geography, technology) to all be supported in each customer instance.  

 TALLYMATICS has also enhanced its rich geolocation/AVL feature set with several important features for utilities:

  • International Fuel Tax Agreement support
  • Outage Management System support using Multi-Speak
  • GIS Feature integration with ESRI ArcGIS servers
  • Emergency/Mandown radio and telematics alerts

East River Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. in South Dakota was able to leverage TruFleet.Cloud’s radio support when it was faced with its incumbent geolocation/AVL vendor discontinuing support for radio networks.  Tim Dockendorf, Communications & Control Systems Administrator for East River, needed to find a solution for the challenging communications environment in South Dakota.  “East River manages the dispatch for our company and other electrical coops in South Dakota.” says Mr. Dockendorf.  “We have a Tait DMR III network which we need to use to ensure communications across our region, providing real-time dependable visibility of our mobile work-force. Other options don’t provide enough coverage.  TruFleet gave us the solution, plus all the geolocation tracking features we really needed. TALLYMATICS’ performance in addressing our requirements has given us the confidence that the TruFleet.Cloud solution will be able to adapt to our future vision as well.  The transition has been easy and delivered on its promises.”

TALLYMATICS worked with RACOM Critical Communications to deliver the solution to East River.  “RACOM has worked with East River and its partner electrical cooperatives for a long time, having helped them deploy their radio network.” Said Scott Zaputil, Chief Operating Officer of RACOM.  “They had a GeoLocation partner that could not longer support the radio network, so, knowing the TruFleet.Cloud product was now integrated with radio networks, we quickly reached out to TALLYMATICS, who are one of our mobile application partners.  It was an easy proposition, and TALLYMATICS and RACOM were able to satisfy all of East River’s needs.” 


Established in 2009, TALLYMATICS Inc. is a division of leading GNSS antenna manufacturer, Tallysman Wireless Inc., A Calian® Group company.

TALLYMATICS delivers reliable, accurate and affordable asset tracking solutions compatible with a range or wireless networks, such as LMR and LTE, and servicing many industries with mobile geolocation requirements. With a strong reputation for customer support, well-designed software and innovative hardware, TALLYMATICS works with value-added partners across the globe to deliver high- quality fleet management solutions to satisfied customers operating in markets from school transportation to utilities and public works to construction and public safety. TALLYMATICS also provides its customers with high accuracy Smart GNSS antennas for timing and precision location applications.