TALLYMATICS and Tait Communications expand GeoLocation collaboration with indoor/outdoor radio tracking and TruFleet.Cloud Electrical Utility enhancements

May 20, 2022

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Ottawa, Ontario. (May 2022). TALLYMATICS and Tait Communications are pleased to announce ongoing enhancement of TALLYMATICS’ TruFleet product integrations for Tait’s radio and network products, targeting Security, Construction, Emergency Response, Event Management and Electrical Utility markets.

TALLYMATICS has long supported outdoor tracking for Tait radios and networks with its TruFleet.WCP GeoLocation tracking/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Server.  Now the TruFleet.Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) platform will also integrate Tait’s radio networks and adds several features that make the combined solution ideal for Electrical Utility customers (and other large utilities with extensive geographic footprint infrastructure).  These new features are: 

  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) support
  • Outage Management System (OMS) support with MultiSpeak protocol
  • GIS Feature integration with ESRI ArcGIS servers
  • Emergency/Mandown radio alerts and telematics alerts

TruFleet.Cloud with the new utility features has now been deployed on Tait DMR 3 networks at several electrical utilities.

TALLYMATICS also integrates the TP9300 and TP9500 DMR portable radios from Tait on TruFleet.WCP server to provide indoor tracking for those radios, using TruFleet.WCP’s support for indoor tracking.  TruFleet.WCP allows easy import of building floor layouts in .jpg format to “embed” on TruFleet’s GIS maps used for geo-tracking.  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacon standard compliant beacons are then placed on the floor layout, and when a properly configured TP9300/TP9500 detects a BLE iBeacon identified on the floor layout, the radio is visually located at the beacon.  Portable radios can then be tracked in real time and historically both on the outdoor map and on the embedded floor layout (multiple floors for a multiple story building) for a mixed environment tracking capability. This feature is critical for emergency response, security and event management use cases.

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Established in 2009, TALLYMATICS Inc. is a division of leading GNSS antenna manufacturer, Tallysman Wireless Inc., A Calian Group company. TALLYMATICS delivers reliable, accurate and affordable asset tracking solutions compatible with a range or wireless networks, such as LMR and LTE, and servicing many industries with mobile geolocation requirements. With a strong reputation for customer support, well-designed software and innovative hardware, TALLYMATICS works with value-added partners across the globe to deliver high- quality fleet management solutions to satisfied customers operating in markets from school transportation to utilities and public works to construction and public safety. TALLYMATICS also provides its customers with high accuracy Smart GNSS antennas for timing and precision location applications.