Trufleet™ AVL Solution

Real-time, affordable fleet management. Easy to use, reliable … but without compromise

Tallymatics TruFleet™ AVL delivers accurate, reliable GPS-based fleet tracking and auditing on your existing communication network – so you can improve safety, performance and your bottom line.


Simple, highly accurate tracking and auditing

TruFleet™ AVL lets you track fleets on any device using a simple and intuitive web browser interface, and replay routes to perform detailed audits when incidents occur – all with remarkable accuracy. So you can focus on the performance of your operations instead of your tracking solution.

iBeacon indoor tracking

TruFleet™ AVL provides real-time indoor location data using strategically placed iBeacons. These wireless iBeacons emit Bluetooth signals with a range of up to 100 feet (subject to the environment) and a battery life of three to five years. As a radio pairs with iBeacons at known locations, TruFleet™ AVL displays the user’s location on the web browser.

TruFleet™ AVL records the user’s whereabouts, as well as the date and time of the radio’s movements for historical playback.

Highest resolution tracking at the lowest cost

Tallymatics® patented contrail data compression algorithm is designed to provide higher resolution tracking while reducing data loading. 2-Way radio network operators can increase the number of subscribers on a network without having to increase costly radio infrastructure, and cellular LTE-M users benefit from a ten-fold reduction in data, resulting in lower-cost data plans.

Tallymatics® contrail tracking provides turn-by-turn reports (no missed corners) and provides location tracking accuracy down to the block level – particularly important when auditing vehicle locations.

Works on cellular LTE-M and 2-way radio networks

TruFleet™ AVL is compatible with cellular LTE-M, Tait L3Harris, Motorola MOTOTRBO and Kenwood NEXEDGE 2-Way radio networks.

TruFleet™ AVL supports hybrid operation, enabling fleet managers to view both the location of vehicles on 2-Way radio networks and cellular LTE-M networks from the same web client.

Cloud or local hosting

TruFleet™ AVL can be deployed on-premises or hosted on a cloud service, aligning with your IT strategy to reduce costs or ensure security compliance.

Third-party interfaces

Fleets are an integral part of an organization’s operations but are only a means to an end. You have other applications that really run your enterprise. Your fleet management solution should integrate into these other applications so it is an effective extension of your enterprise’s mission, not a stumbling block.

TruFleet™ AVL implements open protocols, such as XML and JSON, as well as higher-level industry-oriented protocols, like MultiSpeak, for the utility sector. Where there is no standard, we customize. Ask us!

More key features and benefits

  • Comprehensive reporting — Optimize operational efficiency with summary, detailed and customized reports
  • Alarmas and alerts — Automate alerts for emergency alarms, speed, geofence breaches and more
  • Convenient messaging — Text and status messages can be sent/received by users and dispatchers
  • Geofencing — Geofences can be created for individual vehicles or entire fleets
  • Choice of mapping — Operate with Open Streets (free) or Google pay-as-you-go with all the benefits of Google (Satellite view etc.)
  • Automated functions — Alerts, log retrieval, reporting and archiving
  • Exceptional customer service and support — The Tallymatics team stands behind our products and solutions