School Transportation

Track and share where your school buses are

TruFleet™ for School Transportation makes it easy to keep track of your buses, keep parents and schools informed, and keep children safe.

What is TruFleet™ for School Transportation?

TruFleet™ for School Transportation combines simple, intuitive software with compact hardware that connects with existing 2-way radios. It delivers precise real-time geo-positioning and event reporting that enable fleet awareness and enhances incident auditing. It can also help you optimize routing and scheduling.
TruFleet™ for School Transportation provides optional integration to 3rd party school bus routing applications.


How it Works

Features and benefits for service fleet operators

GPS-based tracking

Enable simple, precise tracking and monitoring of activity, speed, maintenance, mileage and more and at all times

Low bandwidth and data consumption

Get the most out of your network at lower cost

Comprehensive reporting

Optimize operational efficiency with summary, detailed and customized reports

Network flexibility

Compatible with multiple 2-way radio networks and cellular LTE

Alarms and alerts

Automate alerts for emergency alarms, speed, geofence breaches and more


Provide MultiSpeak interface to the OMS

Exceptional customer service and support

The Tallymatics team stands behind our products and solutions

Features and benefits for parents

Anytime app access

Parents can track their child’s school bus anytime via phone, tablet or computer

Application for parents

Multiple route tracking

Parents can track different buses for several children

School board authentication

Accounts must be verified by the school board to ensure student safety and security

Precise locations

Parents see the exact location of their child’s bus in real-time

Secure portal

The password-protected web app is only available for verified parents and guardians