Sprite™ TW201 Asset Tracking for Tait L3Harris™ Systems

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The Sprite™ TW201 asset-tracking device lets you track your fleet using your existing Tait L3Harris™ system. Paired with Tallymatics’ Trufleet™ solution, the TW201 provides accurate event-based reporting of a range of data, such as waypoints, speeding and cumulative odometer readings.

The TW201 is the ideal fleet-tracking solution for organizations that use Tait L3Harris™ networks in any industry, including school transportation, utilities, construction, public works and public safety.


  • Map 27 interface
  • Location reporting every 10 seconds
  • Up to 125 reports sent per transmission
  • Out-of-range logging and retrieval
  • Block-level location accuracy


  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Highly-accurate fleet awareness
  • Low-bandwidth usage
  • Reliable record pick-up and delivery times
  • Increased productivity


Built with function in mind

The ultra-compact Sprite™ TW201 is made from durable, high-quality components. The tracker is easy to install and use, making it a convenient solution for any fleet-tracking needs.

Make the most of your network

The TW201’s patented contrail data compression algorithm achieves high accuracy with low bandwidth by collecting and sending up to 125 location reports and events in a single data transmission. This results in a level of tracking that provides location accuracy down to the block level — particularly important when auditing vehicle locations.

Get awareness with TruFleet™

Tallymatics’ TruFleet™ is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that keeps you connected to your fleet. Track your vehicles with an intuitive, functional map display and generate comprehensive audits of your fleet’s movements and actions. TruFleet™ is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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